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Episode One - Paranormal Professionals (pilot)

The Paranormal Investigation Team (P.I.T.) take on their first case, encountering a meddlesome poltergeist hellbent on haunting a newlywed couple out of their home and minds. Things get complicated as our investigators learn more about the ghost and themselves than any of them could have bargained for.

• Half-hour comedic series

• Originally aired on Hulu in 2014

Episode Two - Mixed Signals

P.I.T. travels to a remote farmhouse in an effort to rescue a bohunk family’s abducted dog (and grandpa) from extraterrestrial trespassers. The case takes a turn for the dramatic when Connor’s growing attraction to Morgan reaches a boiling point and the unfolding events of the night threaten to fracture the team beyond repair.

• Half-hour comedic series

• Originally aired on Hulu in 2014

Episode Three - Brotherly Departed

The team takes on a mysterious case involving a pair of squabbling brothers who harbor a bone-chilling secret: one of them... is a ghost! Well, at least he thinks he is. P.I.T. must tiptoe around this rather precarious investigation in an effort to help the siblings find peace and relieve their delusional torment while struggling to mend their own familial wounds in the process.

• Half-hour comedic series

• Originally aired on Hulu in 2014

Episode Four - Exorschism

P.I.T. must race to save a young college student when a malevolent demon decides to take up a residency inside her. Showcasing all the tell-tale signs of an "E! True Hollywood Possession,” complications arise when Connor finds his former fiancé, Amanda (Constance Wu) roaming the campus while a reckless "Preacher" brings a rather unorthodox approach to handling the exorcism. P.I.T. is left in shambles and their future as a team uncertain.

• Half-hour comedic series

• Originally aired on Hulu in 2014

Spec Episode - Gigglepig Returns!

When Jake’s childhood best friend is arrested for drug possession, Jake and Rosa come to rely on him to help take down a familiar supplier. Charles and Amy team up to arrest the “Subway Snatcher” while Scully and Hitchcock scramble to catch a thief within the Nine-Nine.

• Half-hour comedic spec for the hit series on FOX

• Semi-finalist in the 2018 Austin Film Festival teleplay competition

• Semi-finalist in the 2018 Script Pipeline TV writing competition

Six tourists go for a ride on a haunted tour of Savannah, Georgia. Along with their eccentric tour guide, they explore the depths of Savannah’s dark supernatural history and get more than they bargained for when the tourists start to experience deadly paranormal events.

• Feature length horror / comedy

• This PDF holds only the first 10 pages -- Contact Michael if you'd like to read more

• Finalist in the 2018 Austin Film Festival screenplay competition

The McGregor's turn to a life of crime and struggle to keep their family business open after the prohibition of alcohol goes into effect, forcing them to transform their traditional Irish pub into an illegal speakeasy of the roaring twenties.

• Original comedic pilot

• This PDF holds only the first 3 pages -- Contact Michael if you'd like to read more

A struggling actor becomes disillusioned by the Hollywood system and resolves to act like an actor and act... all the time. Assuming the “Golden Era” identity of Eugene Randolph Esquire, our master thespian races around LA, exposing us to his crazy and eclectic assortment of friends and colleagues who all happen to be living in character as various cinematic tropes as well.

• Comedic digital mini-series

• Finalist in the 2018 Austin Film Festival web series competition

Most fans of the Netflix documentary series, Making A Murderer can all agree on one thing: there was definitely some foul play in the trial of Steven Avery. So much foul play that the residents of Manitowoc County couldn't help but take advantage of it.

• Comedic sketch / parody

A photographer with a broken leg passes time by observing his neighbors through his window. He begins to notice some suspicious behavior and feverishly tries to convince his girlfriend of his political paranoia before it's too late.

• Comedic sketch / parody

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